About Us

What is Warrior Down
Warrior Down was the cry used by the Native American Indian to signify that a warrior has been wounded on incapacitated in some way and needs help. Our U.S. servicemen and servicewomen are warriors, a modern-day warrior, but warriors just the same. The Warrior Down – No Vet Left Behind program at City Of Angels provides the support and finds the resources necessary for veterans, our warriors, to heal. This is a peer-to-peer program that is designed to equip U.S. veterans of our armed services with recovery support.

The Mission of the City of Angels Warrior Down – No Vet Left Behind program is to build a continuous support network for veterans. The peers in the Warrior Down program connect individuals with local emotional and social support networks, spiritual support, and provide them with referrals to veteran and community service resources. The Warrior Down program will also provide information and educational materials and advocate on behalf of veteran’s issues.

The Vision of the City of Angels Warrior Down program is that veterans, our warriors, will experience life through new eyes, new thoughts and a new spirit. That a peer led program which creates opportunities to provide support to other veterans experiencing the same issues can help our “warrior down” to heal.